FWB Tennis Center Safe Play Guidelines

*USTA Florida and FWB Tennis Center reserve the right to ask a player(s) to leave the facility if not observing the posted Safe Play Guidelines. The Head Pro will be on site to monitor safe play procedures and make sure online reservations are honored. 

FWB Tennis Center Safe Play Guidelines:

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • Stay home if you have come in close contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19, and contact your healthcare provider for guidance.
  • Arrive at the facility close to assigned start time, ready to play, and depart immediately after you finish play.
  • Bring your own water bottles, towels, or any other personal equipment and store items inside your tennis bag when not in use.
  • Do not share equipment.
  • Bring your own chairs (if feasible) and avoid sharing a bench.
  • Use headbands, hats, towels or wristbands to avoid touching your face during play.
  • Wash hands often (before / after matches) or use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

Note: While there is no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted by touching tennis balls, potential droplet precautions can be taken to minimize risk while playing tennis, such as washing your hands thoroughly or using hand sanitizer before arriving at and after leaving the court, as well as avoiding touching your face. 

  • Except as may be otherwise required by your facility or by local guidelines,wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times, except when you are active on court (or eating and drinking).
  • Clearly verbalize score at the start of each point.
  • Maintain safe physical distance between players during the racquet spin at the start of a match.
  • Maintain physical distancing if changing ends of the court and when taking a break.
  • Offer an acknowledgment such as a nod, a thumbs up or a “good match” or a racquet tap instead of shaking players’ hands.

For more COVID-19 information and updates, please visit USTAFlorida.com/Coronavirus


USTA Playing Tennis Safely: Player Tips & Recommendations:

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Protect against infections:

  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer) or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available, before going to the court.
  • Clean and wipe down your equipment, including racquets and water bottles. Do not share racquets or any other equipment such as wristbands, grips, hats, and towels.
  • Bring a full water bottle to avoid touching a tap or water fountain handle.
  • Use new balls and a new grip, if possible.
  • Consider taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves.
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve.
  • Arrive as close as possible to when you need to be there.
  • Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, etc. if you can.


  • Try to stay at least six feet apart from other players. Do not make physical contact with them (such as shaking hands or a high five).
  • When playing doubles, coordinate with your partner to maintain physical distancing.
  • Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet or other equipment. Wash your hands promptly if you have touched your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Avoid sharing food, drinks or towels.
  • Use your racquet/foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls.
  • Maintain physical distancing if changing ends of the court.
  • Remain apart from other players when taking a break.
  • If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or with your racquet.


  • Leave the court as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after coming off the court.
  • Do not use the locker room or changing area. Shower at home.
  • No extra-curricular or social activity should take place. No congregation after playing.
  • All players should leave the facility immediately after play.



Although unlikely, it’s possible that a tennis ball can transmit the COVID-19 virus, as virtually any hard surface can transmit the disease. So here is an extra precaution you can take to keep safe when playing tennis:

  • Open two cans of tennis balls that do not share the same number on the ball.
  • Take one set of numbered balls and have your playing partner take a set of balls from the other can.
  • Proceed with play, making sure to pick up your set of numbered balls only. Should a ball with the other number wind up on your side of the court, do not touch the ball with your hands. Use your racquet head or feet to advance the ball to the other side of the court.



Please consult the CDC for comprehensive guidance related to activities in your community.